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All pet animals deserve a safe and loving home. Unfortunately, many pets enter the rescue cycle through no fault of their own.

Through PETstock Assist’s National Pet Adoption Month and Adopt Different platform, we encourage people to think differently about adoption. To reconsider any biases, dismiss unfair stereotypes and make considered, sustainable choices on what pet is truly the best fit for their lifestyle.  

PETstock’s Charity and Events Lead, Jessica Curtis, explains why this initiative is so close to the hearts of our PETstock team members and network 

What is Adopt Different?

Adopt Different is PETstock Assist’s pet adoption platform where we advocate the special connection between human and animal. We ask people to think and act differently when they adopt – to think beyond the traditional cat and dog in their choice, to consider a pet’s personality, to give the overlooked pet a chance, to become a rescue advocate.

We ask people to keep an open heart and mind when choosing a rescue pet as you never know who you might meet and how they will positively impact your life.

Lastly, we hope to inspire people to share their own pet adoption or fostering journey with others.  

Why should people Adopt Different?

There are so many benefits to adopting a rescue pet, and even more to adopting different. Bringing a pet into your life can improve your health and wellbeing, while  also giving  a second chance to an animal who ended up in the rescue system, usually due to no fault of their own. By considering all different types of animals, whether they’re old, young, fluffy, feathery, with three legs or four, you are helping to break the rescue cycle and finding an animal who you truly connect with and suits your current lifestyle.  

Do PETstock stores sell dogs and cats?

PETstock has made a lifelong commitment to rescue and adoption, therefore we don’t sell puppies or kittens in our stores. Instead, we put our timeeffort and space instore towards supporting local, ethical rescue groups to help pets in need.  

PETstock Assist’s National Pet Adoption Month is an annual initiative we run to help find rescue pets loving homes, educate the masses and celebrate the entire rescue community.

Over the past few years, the pet adoption landscape has experienced dramatic yet positive changes. Now, with thousands of New Zealand’s claiming the pet parent title, the industry is facing new challenges, where thousands of cats and kittens remain homeless.

You can visit our Adoption Hub to be connected to thousands of animals looking for a loving home at any time. You can also contact your local PETstock store to chat with them about animals they have available for adoption at any time.

What if I am not ready to adopt? How else can I support animals looking for a loving home?

There are many ways you can support animals looking for a home and the rescue organisations that care for them. 

  • Fostering 
  • Volunteering 
  • Donating goods or money 
  • Advocating adoption and fostering to family and friends looking for a pet 

Explore our Adoption Hub to find out more about fostering animals, volunteering with or donating to your local group, and for information to help you become ready to adopt. 

What are your top three tips for people considering pet adoption?

1 – Knowledge is power: do your research and really think about what kind of animal will suit your lifestyle. Make sure to consider the type of home you live in, the yard space available, your work hours, any children in your life and your level of physical activity. All our partner rescue groups are the perfect sounding board to help you through these considerations when you’re beginning the adoption process.

2 – Understand the costs: getting a pet is something that needs to be planned for financially. This is especially important if you are looking after an animal with a long life to live, one that comes with pre-existing health conditions or if you choose to adopt a bonded pair. Make sure you discuss the needs of the animal with the rescue group and of course touch base with our friendly PETstock team to understand the ongoing costs of food, parasiticides, bedding etc., and learn about our PETstock Rewards program.

3 – Consider the other options: if after you have thought about point one and two, you decide that adoption is not the right option for you at his point in time, think about other things you can do to support local rescue organisations and pets (see question: What if I am not ready to adopt? How else can I support animals looking for their forever home?). You may also like to consider helping other PETstock Assist partners like Guide Dogs Australia, Assistance Dogs Australia and Pets of the Homeless.

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