Adoption Stories

If you’re thinking about adding a new family member to your household, considering a rescue animal is a fantastic option.

Scroll down to hear from rescue advocates on animal adoption and fostering, and how their pets have changed their lives for the better.

Lisa and Pixie – I believe that every animal deserves love and a home.

When Lisa went into PETstock, she had her heart set on the cat she had seen in a photo.

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Tracey & Joe – the importance of a personality fit

Tracey talks about the importance of a personality fit and how fostering a large breed dog changed her perception.

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Peter Siddle’s Rescue Dogs​

A Human’s Best Friend presents an adopt different story and adoption tips from cricket superstar and animal lover, Peter Siddle

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Sharni Norder’s Rescue Cats

A Human’s Best Friend presents an adopt different story and adoption tips from sports-star and gold medalist, Sharni Norder (née Layton).

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Charlene & Sapphire

“We would love people to think outside the box, about that gorgeous dog with a couple of quirky behaviours who just needs someone to give them a chance”

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Carolyn’s Rabbit Refuge

“Be it a dog, a cat, a rabbit, chickens, or a horse, they are all amazing,”

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Tamara & Jax

“An adopted animal will always have an unknown story… that just means that they require even more love”

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Michelle & Scout

“Adopting is a beautiful thing to do and knowing you may have saved their life is a pretty good feeling”

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Lisa & Ray

“Fostering is a great option, because if it’s not right for you, it allows the pet an opportunity to find their perfect home”

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Emily & Siren

“It’s important to ‘adopt different’ because sometimes it’s the animal that you least expect that you’ll have the bigger connection with”

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Ed & Cooper

“Like anything big in life, adopting or fostering a pet can be challenging, but that’s no reason to miss out on something so wonderful and rewarding”

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At Home With PETstock

At Home With PETstock presents adoption, fostering and volunteering tips from some of our PETstock Assist partners. These are the founders, volunteers and key people working around the clock to help save the lives of pets in-need.

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