Pet adoption at PETstock

A long time ago, we made a choice not to sell dogs or cats in our stores.

Instead, we’re advocates for pet adoption, and our stores proudly partner up with rescue groups in Australian and New Zealand communities to promote perfectly lovable rescue pets and just how great they are! 

Whether it’s by holding in-store pet adoption days or various fundraising and awareness activities, we’re devoted to helping give homeless pets a voice and find forever families. 

How it works:

We make free space, temporary or permanent, available in-store for rescue groups to find loving families for adoptable pets. It also gives potential pet parents the chance to meet rescue pets in a positive, convenient and friendly environment.

In no way does PETstock profit from our in-store adoptions; 100% of all adoption fees go straight to the rescue group. These fees cover each pet’s desexing procedure, microchipping, vaccinations and parasite control, as well as a thorough medical and behavioural assessment – all of which happens before each pet is adopted.

Our adoption area in selected stores allow you to meet and greet rescue pets looking for a loving home. Our PETstock team will assist you with the application and adoption process on behalf of our adoption partner. On our National Pet Adoption Day, rescue groups will be on hand to assist you with any questions, applications and adoptions. Please note that some groups will require some checks to be completed before finalising the adoption. As an example, the group may complete a yard check.

Our Pet Adoption program not only saves lives but educates the community about adoption, responsible pet ownership and the wonderful work of our rescue group partners.

Thinking of expanding your family by adding a member of the furry, feathery or scaly kind? 

Search our rescue groups partners or speak to one of our friendly PETstock team members in-store.  

We’ll be here to support you after you’ve introduced your new pet into your family! 

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