Charlene & Sapphire

“We would love people to think outside the box, about that gorgeous dog with a couple of quirky behaviours who just needs someone to give them a chance,” -  Charlene.

Working at Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue, Charlene knows that good things take time. Sapphire, AKA Saffy, came into the care of Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue in 2016, which is where she stayed for another two and a half years.  

Saffy LOVED people. In fact, she couldn’t get enough of them! However, she found it difficult to bond with other animals at the rescue. Unable to enter a home with children or other four-legged friends meant Saffy required an extra special human that could give her what she needed. 

Adopted by an owner known to the rescue, the volunteers spent many hours with Saffy and her new mum to ensure a smooth transition. One year on, Saffy has settled into her new home life which even includes another dog! She’s loving the home comforts, experiencing new adventures and living the life she always deserved.  

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