Ed & Cooper

“Like anything big in life, adopting or fostering a pet can be challenging, but that’s no reason to miss out on something so wonderful and rewarding,” - Ed.

While many of us took on new hobbies or skills during isolation, Ed saved not one, but two lives. First with his foster dog Spud and then with his newly adopted dog, Cooper. 

Like many others in lockdown, Ed wanted to use the extra time at home to love and care for a pet while also challenging himself for a good cause. While Ed wasn’t ready to take on the permanent decision of owning a dog, fostering made perfect sense and was an experience that taught him much about life and himself.  

Fast forward a few months and Ed had moved into a big house with his partner and, after his rewarding experience with fostering, felt ready for permanent adoption. It wasn’t long until Cooper came along and quickly pawed his way into Ed’s heart and family. 

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