Lisa and Pixie

“I believe that every animal deserves love and a home.” – Lisa Beer

When Lisa went into PETstock, she had her heart set on the cat she had seen in a photo. 

“It was a little tabby cat. I really really wanted to get her. But she didn’t want me,” says Lisa. “I went into the cage, and she just wasn’t that friendly with me.” 

In contrast, Pixie wandered over to Lisa and sat in her lap purring. 

Lisa says PETstock were really helpful at advising her what kind of food to feed Pixie, and gave her a whole bunch of ideas about what a young cat might need. 

When Pixie arrived at her new home, she was vomiting and had diarrhoea. Lisa thought it might be the new environment so she waited for it to settle down, but after a couple of weeks she took Pixie to the local vet because it wasn’t getting any better. The vet said it would be costly, especially because they weren’t sure what was wrong with her.  

While Lisa knew that owning pets comes at a cost, she hadn’t expected such an expense right from the offset. Luckily Lonely Miaow, the rescue organisation that PETstock Glen Innes worked with to rehome kittens, was able to help. Pixie was given an immediate diagnosis and medication, and within a few weeks she was much better. These days she is a happy healthy cat! 

After seeing the great work that Lonely Miaow do, and experiencing it first-hand, Lisa was inspired to become a volunteer on their rescue team. 

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