Bringing home a rescue pet checklist

While bringing home your new pet is a very exciting time, it’s important to remember it can take a few weeks or even months for them to fully adjust to their new surroundings and family members.

Keep reading for essential tips to help your rescue pet settle into their new home.

Bringing home a rescue pet checklist

Getting a new rescue pet can be a truly rewarding experience and bring lots of love and happiness into your life.

To check you have the right products for your pet’s first few days at home, we have compiled an essential product checklist to ensure you’ve got it covered.

A guide to helping a rescue pet with challenges

Certified dog trainer and behaviourist, Lara Shannon, shares some of the challenges she faced with her foster dog Vindi and the steps she took overcome them

Common pet behaviour problems

Tina Button, PETschool Specialist, shares a few of her favourite tips to help rescue pet owners identify common behaviour issues and techniques to combat them.

Pet Smarts

Be as smart as your pet. Discover the latest pet advice, products and how-to guides.

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