10 things you need to know about fostering a pet

Second Chance Animal Rescue has an incredible network of fosters, taking in shelter animals temporarily to help prepare them for a loving family.

All fosters provide animals with a safe, loving and enriching home environment where they can heal, learn, and rest. 

If you’ve never fostered an animal before, it can seem like a daunting experience. To help, here is a list of 10 Things You NEED to Know About Fostering a Pet 

No Financial Commitment

The shelter provides everything you need to care for your foster pet, including food, treats, bedding, waste bags, plenty of toys and veterinary treatments. All you need to supply is a loving home, time, and lots of cuddles! 

No House is “Too Small”

Your foster care coordinator will pair you with an animal that is right for you and your home environment, so even if you work full time, live in an apartment, or already have pets at home, you can still become a foster carer. To help your new house guest feel safe, all you need is a spare room, bathroom or even a laundry.  


Fostering a shelter animal is like being the cool aunt of the family – you can look after them, give it all the love, attention, and enrichment it needs and, if something doesn’t quite fit, you can bring them back to the shelter. Don’t underestimate how even just one weekend at a home can benefit an animal, especially a senior dog or cat that loves to relax.  

You Raise Awareness

Each time you post a photo of your foster animal on social media or meet someone who wants to know about your foster animal, you help raise awareness for the organisation you are fostering for. You might even recruit another carer, volunteer, or adopter!  

Think of the Social Media Content!

You will have so many photos of your foster animal, so why not use them to help them find a home by tagging the shelter organisation?  

It’s an Awesome Learning Experience

Fostering is the perfect opportunity to learn about animal behaviour, test your animal training skills and teach young members of the family about caring for animals. It also gives you the opportunity to meet lots of animals with different personalities, which is important when working with the shelter to help find them their perfect home.  

You’ll Help Give an Animal a Second Chance

Fostering an animal changes their life. Every animal’s time in foster care gives them a second chance to gain the tools they need to grow. Once they’ve been adopted, you have also helped a family welcome a new animal into their life.  

Goodbyes Are a Good Thing

Saying goodbye to a foster animal can be difficult, but also worthwhile. It means that you have set your foster pet up for success. No matter how sad you are to say goodbye, there is no greater feeling than knowing your foster pet has found the perfect family for them. 

It Will Make a Shelter Animal Happy​

Animals living in a shelter regularly experience feelings of stress and anxiety. As a foster carer, you will help give an animal a chance to learn that living in a home can be safe and full of love. And when it’s time for them to meet their new family, they will be excited to go instead of frightened.   

It Will Make YOU Happy!

Not only are you providing a homeless animal with the care they need or creating space for a new animal at the shelter, but you’ll also watch the animal grow mentally, emotionally, and behaviourally, which is so rewarding.  

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