We encourage everyone to Adopt Different; to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to animal adoption and consider a pet they haven’t before.

A lot of people start their search for a new pet with a certain type, breed, or age in mind but there are so many amazing pets in need of a loving home. Keep an open mind – you may be surprised by who you fall for and is suited to your lifestyle.

Keep scrolling to learn more about animal adoption, things to consider before making the commitment to adopt and where to adopt a pet. 

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

Before adopting or fostering a pet, it’s important to do your homework, assess your lifestyle and choose the right pet to suit.   

Cost of a rescue pet

A basic guide on the types of costs to expect when adopting a rescue animal and supporting them during their lifetime.

Pet Adoption at PETstock

We make free space available in-store for rescue groups to use and find families for pets in need.

Types of rescue pets

Rescue pets are not just your typical cat and dog, there are many different animals out there looking for a loving home.

Pet Smarts

Be as smart as your pet. Discover the latest pet advice, products and how-to guides.

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